Hammerschmidt Crank Shifter by SRAM Truvativ
Hammerschmidt Crank Shifter by SRAM Truvativhammerschmidt shifter

Hammerschmidt Crank-Shifter from SRAM Truvativ

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Price: $575.00

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Truvativ HammerSchmidt delivers the revolutionary innovation you’ve been hoping for—and it will completely change the way you think, shift, and ride. Truvativ HammerSchmidt opens up worlds of possibilities with an instant flick of a simple switch. This front transmission’s revolutionary design comprises five main components, each working in perfect concert, allowing you to react to terrain in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Pure magic. There’s no other way to describe what HammerSchmidt feels like for All Mountain riders. Imagine never having to plan your shift. You’ll never see your trails the same again.



  • Arm-Length options: 170, 175
  • Al-7050-TV
  • Color: Tungsten Grey
  • Based on Howitzer BB
  • 15mm crank bolt
  • Chainring 22 or 24 teeth
  • Weight: 1623g (Complete assembly w/ BB)
  • Bottom Bracket: 68mm, 73mm, 83mm
  • Recommended Chain: PC991, PC971, PC951



One is greater than two. The planetary gear mechanism at the hart of Truvativ’s new front transmission works like a single chainring with the strengths of the traditional two-ring system — and none of the weaknesses. There are two gears: 1:1 and Overdrive. In 1:1, everything is locked and spinning together. Turn the pedal once and the chainring goes around once. In Overdrive, the ratio is approximately 1:1.6. Turn the pedal once and the chainring goes around about 1.6 times.


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