Front Lights

ORIGIN8-O-Tourch Pro

CODE: 98246

300 lumen Cree LED~5 modes (4 steady 1 flashing)~2.5 ~ 7 hour run time per charge~Replaceable Li-Ion rechargeable battery~USB rechargeable
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Minimum quantity for "ORIGIN8-O-Tourch Pro" is 1.


CODE: 96327

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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE" is 1.


CODE: 94746

3 Super bright white LEDs for maximum visibility to illuminate your way~Soft touch power switch accesses flashing QR steady mode~Built-in QuickCam™ low... More
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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE-BEAMER-3" is 1.


CODE: 95426

Extreme LEDs 300% brighter~5 white LED headlight~Up to 100hrs runtime~Batteries included
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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE-BEAMER-5" is 1.


CODE: 95868

Nichia’s half-watt Blaze™ LED is many times brighter than a standard white LED~QuickCam™ bracket mounts, adjusts or removes without tools~Helmet mount... More
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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE-Blaze" is 1.

PLANET BIKE-New Blaze 1-Watt LED (3044)

CODE: 96104

Blaze™ one-watt LED is twice as bright as half-watt LED~Reinforced alloy midsection ~High and low power beam along with "SuperFlash" flashing mode~Quick Cam™... More
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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE-New Blaze 1-Watt LED (3044)" is 1.

PLANET BIKE-New Blaze 2-Watt LED

CODE: 96575

Reinforced alloy midsection~High and low power beam along with "SuperFlash" flashing mode~"SuperFlash" mode is highly visible, even in daylight~QuickCam™... More
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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE-New Blaze 2-Watt LED" is 1.


CODE: 96053

New Nichia eXtreme 2.0 LED is 4x brighter than its predecessor~Velcro straps allow light to be easily mounted to all shapes and sizes of handlebars,... More
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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE-SPOK" is 1.


CODE: 94742

Super bright white LED provides visibility up to 2000 ft. with 220 degrees visibility~Soft touch power switch accesses flashing or steady mode for up to 100... More
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Minimum quantity for "PLANET BIKE-SPOT" is 1.


CODE: 97098

4 super bright LED light~100 hour run time on 3AAA batteries (included)~2 mode permanent or flashing~Tool free mounting
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Minimum quantity for "SIGMA-Eloy LED" is 1.

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