CYGO-TridenX 750 Xtra OSP

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Minimum quantity for "CYGO-TridenX 750 Xtra OSP" is 1.

HIGH BRIGHTNESS LED TECHNOLOGY- Triple Beam design provides maximum brightness~750 lm LED output with State-of-the-art Cree High-Brightness LEDs~High-Brightness LED durability eliminates bulb replacement~4 Brightness levels: High / Medium High / Medium Low / Low~4 Special modes: Fast Flash / Slow Flash / Walking / SOS~OSP (On-Site Programmable) TECHNOLOGY~Program brightness settings and flash tempo while riding~OPTIMIZED BEAM PATTERN- Narrow beam collimator for distant throw~Cross-FireĀ™ technology with highly focused optical lenses expands the field of vision. Provides deep and wide beam spread~Aluminum headlight casing provides high strength and low weight~Triden-X 750 Xtra~Includes high output frame mount Li-Ion battery~Up to 24 hour runntime on low, 5 hour runtime on high~System weight=390g~Triden-X 750~Includes ultra-slim Li-Ion battery~Up to 12 12 hour runtime on low, 2.5 hour runtime on high~System weight=280g

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