Canopy for WeeHoo Child Trailer B/O

CODE: WeeHooCanopy

The Weehoo Canopy is expandable but it also folds to be out of the way when you don't need it. Most importantly, it provides comfort to your child rider... More
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Monkii T2 Trailer w/ 1-Wheel

CODE: monkiiT2

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RideKick Electric Bicycle Trailer - FREE Domestic Shipping!

CODE: RideKick


Ridekick is your fun, versatile tool to free yourself from the limitations of bike riding.

Speeds up to 19mph and range from 10-20 miles depending upon battery type; SLA(Lead-Acid) or Lithium(coming soon).

WeeHoo Participatory Child Trailer

CODE: WeeHooTrailer

For parents who want the very best, the Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer is the very best. Weehoo offers bicycle trailers to meet every families needs. ... More
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