Cargo Bikes

Cargo and Work Bikes for haulin' groceries or the entire family!

Mundo Stiffer Crankset - 28-38-48 tooth

CODE: 20181

The stock Mundo Crankset has 22-32-42 tooth sprockets, which are fine for most purposes. Our Mundo customers with Electric Drive have asked for some higher... More
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Mundo Stoker Bars (Passenger Bars)

CODE: stokerbars

You love giving a ride to passengers on the Yuba Mundo. The Hold On kit helps your passenger feel safe and secure on the back of the Mundo. Easy to install... More
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Mundo Wheel Skirt Set

CODE: mundoskirts

An extra dash of safety for small feet Keep shoelaces, loose clothes and other danglers safely out of your rear spokes with our simple Wheel Skirts. Our... More
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Radish Long-Tail Cargo Bike

CODE: radish

Updated geometry and sloping top tube enable a wider range of riders, making 2010 Radish the true family cargo bicycle solution. 100% chromoly frame and... More
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