Juiced Riders ODK 3-spd Electric Utility Bikes

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Price: $2,199.00

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JuicedRiders Utility Bicycle Specs


Freedom of Control 

Twist the throttle to accelerate. Use the cruise control on the longer journeys. You have the option to pedal along and extend the range past 40 miles on less than 15 cents worth of electricity.

The "memory effect" free 48 Volt, 15 Amp-hour Lithium battery plugs into a normal outlet. This pack sets the standard for useful e-bike range.

Street Legal

The silent yet powerful front drive motor eliminates the hills while assisting you to a top legal speed of 20 mph.

Get all of this performance while remaining classified as a normal bicycle. No need for a driver's license, registration or insurance.

The unique aluminum frame with integrated utility rack provides infinite mounting possibilities up to 330 lbs total payload. A powerful disk brake and maintenance-free Shimano 3-speed shifter round out a list of quality components.

A Real Bicycle Too!
In the normal bicycle form, you can take advantage of all the cargo features in a lightweight aluminum package. The ODK platform was designed to be both bicycle and e-bike stand-alone products. This extra step ensures that you get a tight integration between the electronics and the bicycle frame. The ride is smooth and refined. Gone are the days of heavy electric scooters with cosmetic pedals attached. 

Smoother throttle mapping

The controller has an improved programming setup. Rapid starts are smoother and more controllable. Performance in wet or slippery conditions is improved. Throttle "play" has been reduced and the throttle engages earlier. 


 4x Thick inner tubes

A 4x thick inner tube has been selected as the standard inner tube. The difference is dramatic. The outer section where punctures normally occur is thicker than the inner section, so the weight is less than 4x that of a normal tube. The image to the left compares the 4x and standard tubes. 

Electric bicycles travel much longer distances and are generally heavier than normal bicycles. Any reduction in the chance of a puncture will improve the overall reliability of the product. Liquid tire sealant can still be used with this tube if the rider chooses.

Thicker front dropouts

The steel fork's dropout thickness has been increased to 5mm. The increased width will better protect the axle from spinning inside the dropout if the front wheel is improperly serviced. The new fork is specially customized for the new ODK. 



Rear V-brakes

The rear roller brake has been replaced with V-brakes which provide better stopping power in most conditions. V-brakes are also lighter and more widely used in the North American market. 



Cruise control deactivation

Applying the throttle while in cruise mode will deactivate the cruise control and return the bike to normal operation. The cruise control can now lock on to the speed immediately and even at very low speeds. The bike now has 4 ways to deactivate the cruise: 


1. Applying the front brake 
2. Applying the rear brake
3. Turning the throttle
4. Again pushing the cruise button


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