Mundo Accessories

Mundo Cargo Straps 3m

CODE: mundostrap

Perfect for attaching boxes, surfboards, guitars, tools, other bikes - 3 meters (9ft..) long - excellent quality webbing and buckles - brown - pair More
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Mundo Deflopilator

CODE: deflop

Stop the flop! Keep your front wheel in check when using our dual kickstands by attaching the Deflopilator to your down tube. Note: This device doesn't... More
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Mundo Front Rack, Silver

CODE: breadrack

Sometimes when riding the Mundo Cargo Bike, you will need even more room to haul things. Especially when carrying passenger or kids on the rear rack. This... More
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Mundo Go-Getter Pannier (old-style; one orange remaining)

CODE: gogetter

Informed design The Go-Getter is a spacious, top-quality bag that is easy to attach to the Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike and other longtail bicycles. Designed for... More
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Mundo Peanut Shell Child Seat

CODE: peanutshell

Safe, comfortable fun The Peanut Shell offers everything we demand for our children to your youngest passengers. This high quality cushioned seat offers... More
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Mundo Running Boards for v3.0, pair

CODE: runningboards

Our Mundo Running Boards, made of Recycled Milk Jugs, are the perfect support for the feet of your passenger(s). Mount easily on the sideloader bars. Made... More
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Mundo Soft-Spot Passenger pad

CODE: softspot

A comfy ride The Soft Spot offers your passengers a comfortable padded seat that's easily installed on the rear rack of the Yuba Mundo. • Installs... More
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Mundo Stand-Alone Center-stand

CODE: standalone

The Stand Alone kickstand offers a large and stable base when deployed. It keeps the bike nicely balanced when you are loading it with groceries, kids,... More
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Mundo Stiffer Crankset - 28-38-48 tooth

CODE: 20181

The stock Mundo Crankset has 22-32-42 tooth sprockets, which are fine for most purposes. Our Mundo customers with Electric Drive have asked for some higher... More
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Mundo Stoker Bars (Passenger Bars)

CODE: stokerbars

You love giving a ride to passengers on the Yuba Mundo. The Hold On kit helps your passenger feel safe and secure on the back of the Mundo. Easy to install... More
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