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Price: $2,395.00

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Be the first Parlor in your town or city to move your deliveries to clean, green electric bicycles. Electric Bicycles cost less than a penny-per-mile to operate, charging from any standard 110V household outlet.

• Eliminate Petroleum use
• Eliminate Parking Citation Costs
• Eliminate Parking as you've known it
• Faster Urban-Core Deliveries
• Deliver Inside Building Lobbies !
• Green your Image
• In-Frame Advertisement Space

Driven by Velo Verde's revolutionary P-Force technology, our electric bikes are designed to be high performance and lightweight. When combined with our proprietary lithium ion power pack, a VeloV electric motor delivers more horsepower and greater acceleration.

Even when charging from the grid, electric vehicles are much more efficient at converting energy into rotating wheels; Internal Combustion motors are, at most, about 26% efficient, compared to 88-95% for electric motors. Coupled with the extreme efficiencies of centralized power plants, remote emissions for your travel will be minimized, approximately 25-45% of those from automotive motors.

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