Cargo Monster

Cargo Monster Kit for Recumbent Trikes

CODE: cargomonster

Price: $775.00

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 The Cargo Monster from TerraCycle converts most Recumbent Tricycles into a long-tail, or "cargo" trike.
The Cargo Monster is very utilitarian, and may be used for camping, touring, hauling fence posts etc.

for pick-up in our shop*

The Cargo Monster Features:

  • Full Chrome Moly tubing construction
  • 100% Xtracycle compatability
  • Custom laser cut lugs
  • 203mm disk brake tab
  • Fender mounts
  • Built in Idler mounts
  • 20 and 26" wheel capability- and you can put a 26" wheel on a 20" trike if you want...
  • Cable extender, cable, and extra housing for rear derailleur included
  • Model specific clamps and adapters make everything very sturdy and easy to attach
  • Motor mounts for electric mid drive
  • Fits standard 135mm rear dropout spacing


*Sorry, we do not ship Cargo Monster Kits; they are only available at our physical shop, as the mount system requires rather specific customization and precise set-up for reliable and safe use. You may pre-pay through our site, for local pick-up.
We will, however, install one on a trike of your choice, and ship the complete trike to you, fully-assembled, on a pallet(except TerraTrike models).

Cargo Monster FAQ's

TerraCycle manufactures the Cargo Monster

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