FreeRadical Longtail Frame Kit

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Price: $239.00

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The FreeRadical base frame transforms your bicycle into an Xtracycle LongTail. All that's left to do is pick the accessory kit that best fits your needs! Already have a bike, or at least have one in mind? The FreeRadical adopts the qualities of any bike you put it on – mountain, townie, cruiser, or touring – and makes it LT-ready. It works by adding 15 inches to your bike's wheelbase. A longer wheelbase means a smoother ride and superior handling whether you're toting large loads, groceries, or passengers. And like every other LT product, the longer frame provides an open canvas for customization and reinvention to suit your riding needs. After all, what's the point of struggling to carry stuff on your old bike, when the FreeRadical can open a new world of possibilities? With all the extra space, the sky's the limit in terms of accessory kits --- the Longtail Kit, the Family Van Kit, the Adventure Kit, the Carry It All Kit or the Cargo Van Kit. Or choose an individual accessory --- Footsies, a Kickback or a Peapod! And like every other LT product, we've made the conversion easy by ensuring the FreeRadical works with most any frame or style of bike. So, why not use the FreeRadical to creatively reinvent an existing one?


  • Material 4130 CroMo Steel
  • Weight 2268 g / 80 oz / 5 lbs
  • Functions Can carry: Your stuff, your friends, your friend's stuff. Groceries, kids, pets, lumber.
  • Use: Built for wide variety of uses. Around town, daily commuter, rural hauler, epic adventures...
  • Compatible with: All LT compatible accessories. Most 26" and 700c diamond frame bicycles.
  • Not compatible with: A cynical approach to life. Rear suspension bicycle frames. Bicycles designed for 24" or 20" wheels. Many recumbents.

FreeRadical Frame: The iconic emblem of the LongTail revolution.
The FreeRad frame is made of 4130 tig-welded Chromoly tubing.
We put a dual powder coat on the FreeRad for good looks and Xtra-durability.
The FreeRadical comes in 2 sizes (26" and 700c) for a limited time.
To adapt a 26" FreeRad to run 700c tires, you will need a 700c Adaptor kit.
The FreeRad carries a lifetime warranty for the original owner under normal use conditions.

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