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A2B Fast4Ward RIDE Electric Rental Bike


Chic, yet practical; The Ride e-bike is the most comfortable to ride in our range. With slightly swept handlebars, a sit-up-and-beg riding position,... More
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A2B Metro Electric Rental Bike

CODE: RentalMetro


Welcome to A2B Metro Rentals; the Metro is the electric two wheeler that's redefining the way we go places. Take the A2B Metro for a spin and you'll feel it immediately – the freedom that comes from being able to pedal or cruise under power thanks to its power on demand acceleration.

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JuicedRiders ODK Electric Bike Rental




The ODK by JuicedRiders is one of our current favorites amongst the eBikes we carry.
The ODK is incredibly fun and maneuverable, with plenty of power to pull you out of close-calls, or power up hills. We use the ODK for rentals for these reasons, as well as its extended-range battery (30-40 miles worth).

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