eZip is a value line of electric scooters. Currie Tech strives to develop and distribute affordable, eco-friendly, and fun electric bikes and scooters for a greener future! Browse our eZip Scooters here.

Currie eZip E1000 Electric Scooter

CODE: CurrieE1000


Excursion power + The E-1000 is the most powerful scooter in our range. Dual suspension soak up the bumps while 36 volts and 1000 watts ofpower tackle the terrain. Front and rear disc brakes provide safe, sure stops.

Currie eZip E2 Nano Electric Scooter - B/O

CODE: CurrieE2

An Electrifying Scooter: Squared   Perfect for kids eight and up (8+), the EZ2 Nano scooter makes speeding around the neighborhood electrifying!... More

Currie eZip E3 Nano Electric Scooter - B/O

CODE: CurrieE3


Carving turns ahead!
The EZ3 Nano-Carver is created with kids eight (8+) in mind. This three-wheel, unique electric scooter is specially designed for first time riders who want to have fun like the older kids do on bigger scooters!


Currie eZip E4.5 Electric Scooter - B/O

CODE: CurrieE4.5

Neighborhood Freedom The E-4.5 Electric Scooter is the perfect solution for teens on the go! This eco-friendly scooter has never been so practical and... More

Currie eZip E450 Electric Scooter - B/O

CODE: CurrieE450


The E-450 electric scooter is designed with more power! Slick tires, head-turning graphics and an aggressive powerboard design make this agile machine the ideal companion for teens who want to rule the sidewalk.

Currie eZip E500 Electric Scooter - B/O

CODE: CurrieE500


Takes you from point A to B, with ease

For young, old and everyone in between. The E-500 is our most popular and versatile electric scooter for neighborhood transportation or just plain fun.

Currie eZip E750 Electric Scooter - B/O

CODE: CurrieE750


The Currie  E-750 has extended range and increased power with shock absorbing front suspension. It’s the perfect choice for serious personal transportation.

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