SteinTrike Classic Frame-Kits

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SteinTrike Classic Frame Kits

* available only in states where there are no Steintrike Dealers *


Frame Kits Consist of:

· main frame (cross section) with sleeves, two bottle cage mounts etc.

· rear stay (DNM DV22 suspension included with Nomad model)

· front extension boom with bottom bracket shell and front derailleur post.

· shocks on suspended models

· kingpin assembly components (headsets, kingpin axles, titanium wheel axles & acorn
nuts, nut-caps)

· adjustable aluminum handlebar + bushings and clamp; end-caps on handlebars

· Mesh-style seat frame and mounting hardware, less tension cord

· chain management (idler pulleys w/bearings & bolts, nuts)

· front wheel(less tires/tubes)

· rear wheel with 8/9speed cassette hub (QR) (w/o cassette itself)

· titanium front axles

· Aluminum steering rods with rod ends.


You will need your own:


· tires/tubes

· brake assemblies, cables & levers

· derailleurs/shifters/cables

· bottom bracket, crank-arms, pedals, chain

· Handlebar wrap

· tension cord for lacing mesh seat

· Fenders(we're working on sourcing these...amazingly hard to find in the US! probably from Germany20-)

· Zip-Tyes


SteinTrike-Supplied Optional Items:

· Hard-Shell Seat, upgrade to; (Two or three parts, as below, not cheap!, Austrian)

· Seat Shell(FiberGlass)

· Seat Pad: (wicks incredibly well; my back never gets wet with this)

· Headrest: 

· Rack, Single: (single pannier each side)

· Rack, Double: (two tiers of panniers each side)

· Chain Tensioner: allowing easy chain adjustment for different riders):

· Computer/Light Mount, painted Steel: (mounts on top of Kingpin Assy)

· BionX Battery Mount Kit:

· Extra Idler Wheels: 

· Fender Mount Set, pair:

Other Recommended Non-SteinTrike Optional Items:

· Rear-View Mirrors, cost varies; I have the Busch & Müller mirrors in now.(www.veloverde.net)

· Locking Brake Levers(Prosport; we put these on all trikes now; one or two)

· On trikes we build(not frame kits),we coat inside of frame tubes with Boeing T-9 moisture barrier; spray-on, turns waxy; aircraft grade corrosion protection about $35, ask if desired. it's kind of labor intensive, so it's an option.

We can order components for you if you know what you'd like; We offer great discounts below retail with purchase of a Frame Kit; just email a list and we'll give you a quote, or call us and we'll talk it over; ask for me, Ross.

Discounts will save you approximately 20-25% of retail pricing.

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