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db0 Folding Electric Bike - Discontinued

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The db0 is an attractive, yet functional pedal assist motorized bike that easily folds for wheeled conveyance onto the subway, into the house, or the back of the pick-up.
A special single front fork and single chain stay frame design minimizes the folding dimension to be extremely compact and ultra light.
The spokes are 13G stainless.
200 Lb Rider Limit


Black-Forest Green
 Size 20"
 Frame Alu-Alloy
 Front Fork
 Rear Derailleur
Sunrace Inner 3-speed
 ShifterSunrace 3-speed Alu-Alloy
 Front Brake
Disc Brake
 Rear Brake
 Handle Bar
 Seat Post
 Wheel Rim
20"x13Gx36H BK/CNC Alu-Alloy
 Spoke13G Stainless BK
 Tire 20"x1.95
 Power System Specification

 Motor250W 24V DC Brushless Hub Motor
 Battery24V 6Ah Lithium Battery 
 DisplayMulti-Functional LCD Blue-backlight Display

They'll stop you in the street with this one!

An award-winning design!

The db0 ("Divided by Nothing) is a state-of-the-art 20" folding electric bike that will make you stand out in the crowd. This is an award-winning design from DKCity.

It has an Alu-Alloy frame with Sunrace 3-speed shifter and derailleurs. The sleek design has an integrated tube that stores the rechargeable 24v lithium battery. The battery locks into the tube with a key and cannot be removed without it. The battery can be removed for recharging to it can be recharged while still in its setting.

The bicycle folds easily by the push of a button. The handles go down, the pedals flip up and down (so they don't stick out), and the "handle" appears (see the green handle?). You can then roll the bicycle safely into its storage area, onto the elevator, or into your car until your next ride.

The db0 uses a Pedal-Assist System, which provides Motor Power as you provide pedal-power. Instead of a throttle on the handlebar, the db0 automagically senses how hard you pedal, and adds a proportional level of motor power to give you a Power-Boost.
Pedal-Assist Systems are the most efficient type of eBike Drive Systems, as it is only using energy based on your current need. The db0 system should provide up to 25 miles of assist; many people tell us they get up to 2 hours of assist!

Through the Handlebar-mounted LCD Display, you can choose from three levels of Power-Assist, or none at all, to ride without motor, and the LCD Display also provides a Trip Meter, a Speedometer, and an on-off switch for the drive system.

To charge the Battery Pack on the db0, you may remove the battery using the key-lock, and charge it in the garage or patio, or you can leave it on the bike and attach the compact, automatic charger.

Do you have a camper or RV? This little beauty is lightweight, folds up like a charm, and handles like a pro. Just fold it up and tuck it away inside your camper or attach to the outside and away you go.

Also great for commuting! DK City created a comfortable rider that smoothly and confidently moves through the streets and trails. Then, it folds in a wink to sneak on the elevator or stow in the trunk of your car. Doesn't take up much garage space either.

The Lithium Battery provides up to 1000 full charge-discharge cycles, and after that, you still have approximately 80% of your original range each time you ride. That's a lot of riding!

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