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A2B Fast4Ward 'Ride' 36V eBike **2013 Not Available Yet-Soon! **

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Ride with style

Chic, yet practical; The Ride e-bike is the most comfortable to ride in our range.
With slightly swept handlebars, a sit-up-and-beg riding position, and front suspension, you will arrive at your destination sweat-free and refreshed.

Available in White w/green accent only

Hi-Res Images: Front   Rear



Technical Specifications



Maximum power assistance speed – 15.5 mph. Throttle or pedal assist.

Up to 40 miles (70 km) range.

Battery state of charge; speedometer; trip, odometer, auto blue backlight

Front and rear LED lights.

Panasonic advanced lithium ion battery removable for portable charging.

4–5 hours (plugs into a standard outlet).

High power 250w brushless hub motor.

8 speed Shimano derailleur .

High quality Tektro V-brakes.


Rear rack.

21kgs / 66lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions; FAQ's


How fast does the F4W Ride go and how far?

15.5 mph is its maximum motor powered speed. Up to 40 miles range.

How do you set your own pace?

Adjust the level of power assistance you require on the handlebars and then either use the throttle or pedal like you would on a normal bike and the power will match your effort.

How does the F4W Ride handle hills?


Incredibly well, you’ll never want to use a non-electric bike again after sampling the Ride.

How do I charge the F4W Ride?

Recharging is as easy as charging a mobile phone or laptop. Simply plug into any standard outlet. A2B Metro lithium ion battery technology recharges fully within 4-5 hours and holds its charge more efficiently than lead-based battery technology.

Does the F4W come with a range of accessories? 

We have a range of accessories to meet your lifestyle needs. Available at your local Ultra Motor dealer. How do I know I am running low on power? A state-of-charge battery icon on the display highlights the level of charge. Motor power comes from the lithium ion battery - there is no recharging as you pedal. What is the manufacturer's warranty? 10 year frame, 2 year motor & 2 year battery warranty, 1 year warranty on standard bike parts (except tires, tubes, seat fabrics, grips, chain, cables, and brake pads). How does the F4W Ride help the environment? F4W Ride is 100% electric and delivers zero emissions. It uses nominal amounts of electricity less than 1 KWh per charge.


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