Steintrikes Quad Recumbent
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Steintrike Quad Recumbent Bicycle - CALL

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Price: $5,395.00

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Steintrike Quad 2WD
The Steintrikes Quad builds on the superbly strong foundation of it's suspended trikes; Add this Quad module to a trike frame of your choice, Mungo, Explorer, MadMax and you have a fully-suspended, 2WD quad with independent front suspension.

- Safe transportation of children and loads 
- High-Seated Comfort 
- As light as possible 

These Quads can be set-up a number of ways;

• Use with BionX or other hub motor as "mid-drive", which powers through a differential to both rear wheels

• Use with NuVinci, Rohloff, Dual-Drive or other hub shifter to power the rear wheels

• Use with a standard freewheel/casette hub to power the rear wheels

• Note: only front wheels are independently-suspended; rear axle has a single shock

The quad recumbent is suitable for even heavy static loads or passengers when proper gearing and drive-train is chosen.

 The cargo area can be customized to your needs.

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