BionX Pedal-Assist

Any BionX product will provide you with four assistance modes and four regenerative modes, giving you extra energy to climb a steep hill, overcome a strong wind or just to ride your bike with more ease.

BionX 350W 36V 6.4AH High-Torque Rack-Mount Motor Kit


Long range rear carrier version that offers 50% more range than the RR M version.
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BionX 350W 36V 6.4AH Rack-Mount Motor Kit


For fast commuter bike users or speed mountain riding, this original down tube long range version optimizes the system weight distribution for better overall balance.
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BionX 350W 36V 9.6AH High-Torque Rack-Mount Motor Kit


Top of the line system with an Xtra Long range 48 V battery, offering 20 % more range than the ‘L’ battery versions. Includes our new SL motor, featuring the same performance specifications of the PL 350 HT L, but about 2.5lb lighter. Standard with our new compact power supply, this system is for users who won’t compromise. The best weight to distance ratio in the BionX system roster.
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BionX 350W 48V 9.6AH High-Torque Rack-Mount Motor Kit


Brand new for 2012, the SL 350 HT RR XL is available as a practical rear rack battery option. Includes our popular integrated rear light, and standard with our new rear rack power supply. Fantastic weight to distance ratio, elegant design, and a versatile addition to any bicycle.
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BionX PL250M 250W 26V 9.6AH Frame-Mount Motor Kit


A flexible and practical system with a long range 26V battery. Fits most bicycle configurations and user needs.Light weight with an extended range.
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BionX PL350 36V High-Torque Rear-Rack Motor Kit


A great entry level 37V option in an affordable system combination, including a mid range carrier battery, easy to mount on any type of bike.
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