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BionX 350W 48V 9.6AH High-Torque Rack-Mount Motor Kit


Price: $2,099.00

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Brand new for 2012, the SL 350 HT RR XL is available as a practical rear rack battery option. Includes our popular integrated rear light, and standard with our new rear rack power supply. Fantastic weight to distance ratio, elegant design, and a versatile addition to any bicycle.


105 km (65 mi.)


Li-Ion / 48V / 8.8 Ah / 423 Wh

Torque (Nom./Max.)

9.0/40.0 Nm (6.6/29.5 lb.-ft.)

Weight (System)

8.6 kg (18.9 lb.)

Assist Levels

35, 75, 150, 300%




Increase your cycling efficiency with BionX’s unique Intelligent Mobility System.

The BionX system is naturally intuitive. Energy is provided in proportion to the torque applied to the pedals: Pedal harder and get a stronger and faster assistance, pedal lightly and receive gentle, gradual assistance. Stop pedaling and your assistance is automatically cut off. Each pedal stroke is analyzed separately by a microprocessor, equalizing your energy so you can concentrate on enjoying a smooth, powerful and precise ride.

The BionX System consists of a console, a battery and a special wheel-based motor.

The BionX G2 Console

Easy to use and easy to read, the BionX console lets you take control of your ride with responsive controls and accurate, timely information. It features a multifunctional meter similar to a bike computer, displaying your speed, remaining battery charge and your level of assistance or regeneration. With an LCD screen, you’ll be able to view your stats day or night, rain or shine. Every BionX console is even equipped with an antitheft alarm to protect your bike.

bionx console

motorThe BionX Motor

Get back what you put in: Produce your own energy with the BionX regenerative motor. By activating the brake lever or using the “training mode” in 4 Regeneration assistance levels, the motor will automatically transform your speed into energy and store it back into the battery. Ride, regenerate and use the stored power to extend your ride.

SystemMotor DetailsMotor WeightTorque
PL-250Light250W4.1 kg7 / 25 Nm
PL-250250W4.1 kg7 / 25 Nm
PL-250 HT250W4.7 kg9 / 35 Nm
PL-250 HT RR60250W4.7 kg9 / 35 Nm
PL-350350W4.7 kg9 / 35 Nm
PL-500 HS500W4.7 kg9 / 25 Nm

batteryThe BionX Battery

Ride for long distances knowing that you’ll have the support you need, exactly when you need it. The BionX Lithium Maganese rechargeable battery is safe, stable, light, and extremely compact. A single charge of the battery can last up to 90 km* or more when using the regeneration mode.

The BionX system includes a charger that will recharge your battery in less than three hours. The battery itself is easily installed using water bottle mounts or a rear rack, and can be removed within seconds.

In the middle of a long ride? Give your BionX battery a quick recharge with the ReGen braking system: applying your brakes or coasting downhill sends energy straight back to the battery.

The chart below denotes the size and capability of the battery that comes with each BionX model.

SystemBattery DetailsBattery Weight
PL-250LightLiMn - 22.2V / 6.4Ah / 142Wh1.4 kg
PL-250LiMn - 25.9V / 9.6Ah / 268Wh2.8 kg
PL-250 HTLiMn - 37V / 9.6Ah / 355Wh4.0 kg
PL-250 HT RR60LiMn - 37V / 9.6Ah / 355Wh4.2 kg
PL-350LiMn - 37V / 9.6Ah / 355Wh4.0 kg
PL-500 HSLiMn - 37V / 9.6Ah / 355Wh4.0 kg

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