Recumbent Cycles

AZUB 5 SWB Recumbent 20/26 - Special Order

CODE: azub5

Recumbent AZUB 5 is a user-friendly bike with really amazing driving properties. It results from a ten years experience of recumbents'... More
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AZUB Apus SWB 20/26 - Special Order

CODE: azubapus

This bike is the classic European conception of 20/26“ wheels recumbent. This is the bike we started with, and it is a key part of our line-up. This... More
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AZUB Bufo SWB Recumbent 20/20 - Special Order

CODE: azubbufo

Bufo is dual 20“ bike which is quite compact and light. It is perfect for riding in the city, for stop and go traffic, and for parking next to your... More
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AZUB Ibex SWB Recumbent 24/24 or 26/26 - Special Order

CODE: azubibex

Ibex is for those who want big wheels. Doesn't matter if you think that 26“ (24“) wheels are faster or if you like gravel roads or even off-road... More

AZUB Max SWB Recumbent 24/24 - 26/26 - Special Order

CODE: azubmax

Building the construction of AZUB MAX, we have resulted from our long-term experience with the recumbent production, from AZUB 1 up to AZUB 5. As a result,... More
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AZUB Mini SWB Recumbent 20/20 - Special Order

CODE: azubmini

Stability of the Mini model is given by its long wheelbase. It is very compact and manoeuvrable thanks to its two 20" wheels. Seat height, which is located... More
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AZUB T-tris Trike20/20/20 - Special Order

CODE: azubttris

T-Tris is a folding tricycle built on the basis of our very popular model, AZUB ECO trike. Within the development we have tried to keep all its advantages,... More
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AZUB TRIcon Folding Tadpole Trike

CODE: azubtri

DESCRIPTION: (standard version of the trike has silver hubs) When we began developing our first tricycle, we knew that in the future we wanted to introduce... More

AZUB Twin, Tandem Folding Recumbent Bike 20/26 - Special Order

CODE: azubtwin

We made the first AZUB tandem sometime in 2004. The main reason was testing technical solutions under extreme loads.  With a fully loaded tandem our... More
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Gecko fx US Std Folding Trike

CODE: hpvgeckofxusstd


Gekko fx – The nimble foldable touring trike
From compact size to maximum riding pleasure in ten seconds

Total indulgence With the agile Gekko fx touring trike, more than just your posture changes while cycling. From now on, treat yourself to luxurious comfort in the recumbent seat and enjoy all the riding fun on three wheels.

Your new hobby: Searching bends. With impressively stable road holding, elicit maximum riding pleasure from every bend on your road with your Gekko fx. But you cut a good figure on the Gekko fx even at a leisurely pace!

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