SteinTrike Explorer Fully-Suspended Recumbent Trike

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Price: $4,195.00

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Minimum quantity for "SteinTrike Explorer Fully-Suspended Recumbent Trike" is 1.

Steintrike Explorer comes with 75 mm suspension travel on all three wheels, based on the Mungo and Mad Max proven concept with the low seat height of 28 cm, a narrow track width of 75 cm and an efficient bottom bracket height of 20-24 cm (above the seat), a small cross section and extremely good coasting that beats every unsuspended trike.
Even with narrow racing tires it is possible to negotiate small curbs at full speed.
For luggage, a light lowrider rack can be fitted, that can carry 2 big panniers of around 60 litres capacity. The luggage is, as on other Steintrikes, placed far forward so the trike can attain high speed in turns when fully loaded.
The Explorer also can be ordered in different configurations like all our other products.
The rear wheel size is always 26 inches, with 3 front wheel variants: Explorer 16", 18" or 20" front wheels. Keep in mind that you'll have more tire options with 20" than with 18" wheels.
The rear shock can be adjusted so the frames attitude and steering stays the same.
Trike comes with Mesh/Sling Seat; HardShell seat shown is additional. 

Technical specification:

  • Frame: ST 52
  • Wheels: front 16" (349mm), 18" (355mm) or 20" (406mm), rear 20" (406 mm)
  • Seat angle: 26° - 39°
  • Track width: 75 cm
  • Overall width: 78 cm
  • Overall length: 2,20 m
  • Seat height: 28 - 32 cm (depending on front wheels)
  • Wheel base: 1,14m
  • BB height: 48-53 cm
  • Turning circle: 3,35 m (out-out)
  • Brakes: Disc brakes AVID BB7 Derailer: Shimano 105 mit Shimano Gripshift
  • Weight: from 18,9 kg

Frame Kits also available; please call.

All SteinTrikes come with multi-layer finish; one layer Anti-Corrosive CorroPrime Epoxy, two layers Hi-End Polyester Color, three layers Hi-Gloss Polyester Transparent Finish Coat.


Here's some video of SteinTrike Suspension in action!


Weights of SteinTrike Explorer Frame Parts

Mesh Seat Frame                   4.14#
Mesh Seat Bracket                   .26#
Mesh                                      .66#
Handlebars/set                        .88#
Light Mount                        <  .10#
BionX Mount                          1.06#
Single Rack                            1.32#
Fender Mounts/pr                     .58#
Boom Module                           .62#
Boom Receiver Module              .82#
Front Suspension Module       12.66#
Seat Cradle Module                 2.02#
Rear Shock Module                 3.52#
26" Swingarm Module             3.26#

Total, less wheels              27.76#

Stock Wheels:
16" Wheel                              1.42#
20" Wheel                              1.50#
26" Rear Wheel                      2.65#


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