You have seen them around and probably wondered, what the heck is that all about?  A recumbent bike does look odd, as we are prejudiced to the notion that a bicycle is an upright design.  However, did you know that recumbent bikes are superior to upright bicycles in many ways?

1. Comfort!

Recumbent bicycles and trikes are naturally more comfortable.  Much more of your body is supported by the vehicle than on a "traditional" bicycle, and there is no weight on your arms, wrists or hands.  All this results in no more sore backs, shoulders or wrists.  

Also, if you are predisposed to back or muscle pain, a recumbent bike can mean the difference between sitting around the house and being outside and active.  Recumbents are easier to mount and put much less stress on your body than a traditional bicycle.

2. Speed

Are recumbents faster?  All things being equal, recumbents are significantly faster.  Recumbent bicycles have between 25% and 35% less frontal area - which translates into reduced drag at higher speeds.  Since most of your pedaling energy about 5mph is going to overcome aerodynamic drag, any reduction in front area equates to a higher top speed, or less effort for a given moderate speed.

3. Endurance

As we stated above, the reduced frontal area requires less effort at a given pace than on a upright cycle.  Thus, combined with the superior comfort you can ride much further in a day, greatly increasing your enjoyment.

4. Safety

There is a common misconception that recumbent are more dangerous than upright bicycles because of their reduced visibility.  However, that is simply untrue, and when you factor in the lower center of gravity and the feet first riding positions, any falls or accidents will result in much less injury than on a traditional cycle - you simply have less far to fall and are not going to take a header over your handlebars!

Want to learn more, or better yet, take one for a test ride?  Call us or stop by the shop to schedule a demo ride!

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