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Amped Bikes - Hub Motors

Your kit is covered bumper for 60 days for the kit only as we are not there to make sure it is installed to the battery correctly and 6 months for complete kits. These kits are flawless and will last you a lifetime. What we do not cover is over voltage, we do not cover if you spin out the axles inside of your dropouts. We do not cover if you burn the speed controller by connecting backwards. We will not cover your speed controller if the FET's are burnt due to not pedaling with the kit on hills. Speed controllers must be mounted so that they are well ventelated. We will not warranty any abuse to our kits. We will not warranty a kit that has been rewired. We stand 100% behind our products. If in fact you connected your battery backward and fried the speed controller we can tell immediately. So please if you have done this, be honest and we will work with you. We purchased a small handheld computer to connect to the speed controllers to read the eprom in order to see the last voltage it was run at. If it had failed, what caused it to fail.

All kits are bench tested as a complete unit with all of the components in your box. We are unable to be there when the kit is installed so it is up to you to understand the high torque involved at the dropouts and install them correctly. These kits are over-designed to put up with the harshest conditions and are completely over-engineered.

The motors are tank tested and designed to be run completely submerged while running for 6 days! I don't suggest using it as a boat motor, but if the odd situation came around you can feel confident that it could lol...

Also these kits are capable of running at higher voltages with no modification, we will not warranty anything over 36V. At 36V it runs at the correct and safe speed that it was meant for. If you are running at 72V and fry your controller please do not try and return to me as we will know immediately upon opening the speed controller what happened to it.

If for any reason you do not feel confident about installing our kit then you should have it professionally done as you may harm your kit or you may harm yourself.
All kits must be shipped back with all original connectors for any warranty work.
If the kit has been altered in any way it is not covered by warranty.
AmpedBikes or our dealers will not pay for any shipping costs unless it was an actual component failure. We have had less than 10 in 5 years returned that had actually had a manufacturing failure.


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